Shu Qi is one of Asia's prettiest, most talented, and most versatile actress and model of the new millennium. Her career story is comparable to no other. She has been introduced to the international audience through various film releases - "So Close", "Transporter", "Millennium Mambo", and also through several product endorsements.
The Asian Cinderella Story
Born in Taiwan, Shu Qi (born Li Lin Hui on April 16, 1976) struggled and worked hard to achieve the success and superstardom that she is experiencing now. She started posing as a sexy model through various Taiwanese photo magazines. She was even classified as a soft-core porn starlet. It was not long enough before Hong Kong Film Maker and Producer Mannfred Wong discovered her and soon her acting career has been launched. Shu Qi started of with a few Category III movies in her first 2 years of acting, but later on proved her talent after winning various acting awards, initially winning a Best Supporting Actress from the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1998, and finally coveting the Best Actress award in the 2005 Taipei Golden Horse Awards for the Cannes-nominated movie, "Three Times".
A Missed Chance?

Shu Qi is the controversial actress who gave up the role taken by Zhang Ziyi in the internationally-acclaimed movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to do a soda pop commercial in Japan. A lot of film critics and professionals in the movie industry classified this move as Shu Qi's missed opportunity to actually break through the international market and enjoy the tremendous popularity that Zhang Ziyi is now enjoying. Critics proclaimed this as the chance that should not have been missed, and that she should have fired her manager for allowing her to quit the role considering the blockbuster results of the said movie.

Later on, Shu Qi was able to do "The Transporter" (a Hollywood movie directed by Corey Yuen where she starred opposite Jason Statham), and another internationally-released movie, "So Close", where she starred with two of other Asia's brightest actresses, Zhao Wei and Karen Mok..

The Face that launched a Thousand Products

Shu Qi can also be referred to as "the face that launched a thousand products" in Asia. She has been endorser for Coca-cola in Japan, Red Earth Cosmetics, SK-II, French label Lanvin, Lux Shampoo, Kenzo, and a certified San Miguel Beer endorser, among others. She has posed on the cover of various international magazines as well as modeled outfits, accessories, and jewelry of known international designer labels.

Our Best Actress

The Best of Times, a Hou Hsiao Hsien movie where she starred with Chang Chen, and a movie that has been selected as an entry in the Cannes Film Festival, is the movie Shu Qi was finally awarded as Best Actress. In the 2005 Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival, Shu Qi received the highest accolade for a female film performer.

So Who's the Lucky Guy?

It was reported that Shu Qi has been romantically linked with Hong Kong superstar Leon Lai for quite a long time. Recently she has been linked with Lee Hom Wang, a Chinese singer and actor, and Chang Chen, a fellow Taiwanese actor whom Shu Qi did quite a number of movies with, including the award-winning movie Three Times. Still as of press time, there are no official statements regarding Shu Qi's relationship status.

And Her Beat Goes On...

After doing more than 50 films, most of them categorized as typical Hong Kong pop movies, and a handful of Cannes-nominated movies, Shu Qi is not stopping the beat. She recently captured the hearts of Koreans when she did My Wife Is A Gangster 3, a movie where she top-billed together with Korea's Lee Bum Soo. She was and still is doing movies, with big Asian stars such as Jackie Chan, Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Leon Lai, Ekin Cheng, and soon again with Andy Lau.


Written by: Computer Angel
Last Updated: March 2008