is a website dedicated to Shu Qi and her non-Chinese speaking fans. This site aims to provide the most comprehensive load of information about Shu Qi. This website was "born" on April 16, 2004, Shu Qi's 28th birthday.
Computer Angel, bonafide stalker

The webmaster, Computer Angel, first saw Shu Qi in the movie So Close in 2004. Further research about Asian entertainment, particularly Hong Kong movies, led her to Hong Kong later that year where she started a new "life". Despite an extremely busy schedule [well, she has to somewhat struggle and make ends meet to afford the expensive Hong Kong lifestyle] she tried to maintain this website on and off, occassionally.

Shu Qi not looking very happy with the question asked by Computer AngelOn August 2007, Computer Angel finally made an effort to see Shu Qi in person. She attended the Gala Premiere of the movie Blood Brothers, as a media representative [representing another company] hoping to finally see Shu Qi in person and take some photos. To her surprise, she was not only able to see her in person and take photos, but she was able to approach her. But then being unprepared for an interview opportunity and still star-struck by actually seeing Shu Qi in person, Computer Angel just managed to ask Shu Qi a single silly question afterwhich her mind froze and turned blank and was not able to ask another question again.

[Inset, right photo: Shu Qi not looking very happy with the question asked by Computer Angel]

The perfect expression for Shu Qi must have been delighted that there was only one silly question and in the end she finally managed to smile (please take note of her perfect expression for "Whew I'm glad there's no more silly question" at the photo on the left). At this point Computer Angel decided to just stop and just continue taking photos of Shu Qi and the pair of red shoes she was wearing that night (hehe, duh).

All the while, while this was all happening, Computer Angel was so tempted to tell Shu Qi that her newfound life here in Hong Kong was all because of her. Oh well, in another lifetime when they are both cats.


Here are the shoe photos:

Oh, and the video of the one-question-silly-interview is here:


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Thanks in advance!