Shu Qi is the "face that launched a thousand products" -- she has been a favorite endorser to many known brands worldwide.
  Click to view (new window)   Shu Qi for PRADA
Due to our limited Chinese reading abilities, we can only guess this news -- Shu Qi, together with some famous celebrities, have graced the opening [?] of a Prada store and has modeled several pairs of Prada shoes.
  Click to view (new window)   Yue-Sai (L'Oreal) China
Shu Qi is now the official endorser for Yue Sai 羽西 (L Oreal China). Last April 22, 2005, she went to Shanghai to attend a press conference for the cosmetic brand.
  Click to view (new window)   Coca-cola Green Tea Drink
Shu Qi and another HK male star are now the official product endorsers of a Coca-Cola Green Tea Drink. "Clear is beautiful" says Shu Qi, who encourages everyone to try the new healthy drink.
Shu Qi is now the official endorser for the Head and Shoulders Shampoo brand.
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      Click to view (new window)   Biorgan SK-II
    Shu Qi has been an official endorser for Biorgan SK-II
      Click to view (new window)   YinLu Drink
    Shu Qi, together with another pop star, endorsed the Yin Lu healthy drink. Please visit the product website for to download the TVC/MTV.
      Click to view (new window)   Lux Shampoo
    Along with Karen Mok, Shu Qi has endorsed Lux Shampoo
      Click to view (new window)   Red Earth
    Shu Qi has been an official endorser for Red Earth Cosmetics